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Interview: Neal Brennan (SF Punch Line Tonight!)


Neal Brennan is a comedian, director, writer most noted for co-creating
Chappelle Show with Dave Chappelle. Brennan’s body of work also includes co-writing the movie Half Baked, directing the movie “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard”, and most recently a podcast entitled “The Champs” with DJ Dougpound and Oakland’s own (and Courting Comedy favorite) Moshe Kasher. Neal Brennan will be at the San Francisco Punch Line for one night only; (11/1/2011, 8 PM, $15) and you should definitely attend. An exclusive interview after the jump.


Courting Comedy: You’ve recently launched “The Champs” podcast with Moshe Kasher and DJ Dougpound. What’s your favorite aspect of doing the show?

Neal Brennan: My favorite part of the podcast is getting to give listeners/white people access to conversations with black dudes that they would otherwise never get to have or hear. I’m lucky that I have a lot of black friends who are legitimately interesting to talk to.  And I’m also happy to show how funny a guy like Blake Griffin is in the right environment.

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They say your friends are a reflection of you. That is why I am a nobody.

— Juan Medina

I’m getting too old for this snikt !

— Danny Glover as Wolverine. #LethalWeaponX #GuapThat #Marvel 

people that say “don’t kiss & tell” kiss ugly people or are cheating. #relationships #guapthat

Rice-a-roni is not the SF treat. The fair-trade, organic, burrito latte is. #GuapThat

Those who think money can’t buy happiness don’t understand how we’ve been programmed via the psychology used  by advertisers. Or something.